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Use multi axis dispensing function to improve efficiency in

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The radiator rotor dispensing knows which dispenser is the best and the best way to save costs. This industry for dispensing requirements are not very high, so can consider the multi-head dispensing method, while completing several products dispensing, production speed is no doubt not improved, of course, the use of multi-head dispensing method is also limited, can only be used in the same product, different products need to design procedures at the same time.
Application industry of multi axis dispenser
Multi-axis dispensing machine is a more classic dispensing equipment, more famous in the market, can achieve multi-axis dispensing, is also popular in the market, especially CPU radiator, CPU fan, radiator rotor, junction box and so on, these industries basically use multi-axis precision dispensing machine for production, the type of glue is not used. Particularly difficult to dispensing, generally using silica gel or hot melt adhesive is better use of glue, simple and convenient.
Advantages of multi spindle dispenser
Radiator rotor dispensing, CPU radiation silica gel, CPU fan glue coating three kinds of multi-axis precision dispensing machine is the best effect, and precision dispensing machine multi-axis are fixed with balancing instruments, each dispensing valve height is good, spacing is very uniform interval, do not need to worry about the point between the asymmetry, will pass through Settings, but also a three-dimensional fixing instrument, can customize the design spacing, very convenient and practical, applied to the radiator rotor dispensing will not appear any dispensing problem, the Chinese system is designed according to the radiator dispensing requirements of this set of dispensing program, for this industry dispensing is still more perfect.
The equipment selected is subject to reasonable testing.
The most important thing is to choose the right dispensing equipment, not only can save a number of steps, for dispensing costs will also be reduced, although the purchase of multi-axis precision dispensing opportunity is a relatively large expenditure, but the production effect will be far higher than the manual way, basically can be completed in two to three months will be able to earn costs Which kind of machine belongs to the manufacturer, the use of multi-axis dispensing machine every year will certainly benefit more than manual production. The radiator rotor dispensing, CPU radiation silica gel and CPU fan coating have been tested, the normal monthly production volume is about twice that of manual production.