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Automatic dispensing equipment is needed for automotive sens

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How to quickly complete the dispensing effect of automobile sensor, of course, using automatic large dispensing machine can produce multiple automobile sensors at the same time, one by one production mode will be put into the product process, loss time, reduce time to quickly complete dispensing effect, of course, the speed of dispensing product of automobile sensor determines production. Speed.
Sensor filling glue is suitable for dispensing fittings.
汽车传感器灌胶 Large dispensing machine can produce many automotive sensors, mainly with large working platform, can put many products, and the machine's working journey is also large, so it can meet the requirements of large-scale glue filling. This is only the basic feature, and the machine uses ab glue, which is also the requirement of the machine. Large automatic dispensing machine is not only installed. The AB glue dispenser is suitable for use in glue, and some improvements are also made on the control platform.
Factors that can satisfy the glue filling of automotive sensors
Automobile sensor glue filling does not need much glue volume, the use of AB glue needle can meet the needs of production, large dispensing machine uses control multi-platform controller, can control AB glue and air pressure at the same time, ensure the stability of automobile sensor glue filling performance, why to choose different products, this is the most important. One of the reasons is that to meet the production needs, we need to coordinate from accessories, design, procedures and so on.
Medium to extreme edition service
AB点胶针筒 Although our dispensing equipment has been used in the automobile industry for many years, we still need to make a plan before using it. Then we can make a large dispensing machine and a glue filling program according to the plan. Every step is arranged to prevent the inconsistency of the steps, which makes the glue filling process impossible and every step needs to be done rigorously. Our medium-sized production mode, whether large dispensing machine or ordinary small machine, will have production standards and programs, with the use of AB glue cylinder or AB glue valve will have arrangements, daily maintenance will also have an arrangement.