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Spraying on toy surface requires dispensing machine for asse

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The technology of dispensing on toy surface needs to be used. Although the dispensing of toys is not as precise as that of some LED industries, we still have higher requirements for the processing technology of toys exported. In recent years, China's second births are open, the development of toy industry is also very rapid, and some high-end electronic toys dispensing needs. More and more high demand, general toys, toy dispensing machine can meet the requirements of its surface typewriting, process requirements are more stringent, toy surface typewriting needs to be used to assemble visual system dispensing machine, such as visual dispensing machine.
Interpretation of toy surface typesetting:
Toy surface typewriting is usually used for plastic toys, plastic toys surface typewriting process is relatively simple, usually the toy surface first inserted clean, and then printed on the template, then placed the template in the toy need to be typewritten position, and finally gelatinized, dispensing is to maintain the text pattern will not be oxidized off. Loss, to maintain its integrity, but also to be able to experience the temper of time and not easy to fall off. Generally, plain toy dispensing machine can complete dispensing process, but for the process requirements are higher, we need to use visual dispensing machine.
The dispensing machine for assembling visual system is called visual dispensing machine. Visual dispensing machine is the most advanced product in dispensing machine at present. It is usually used in semiconductor industry, mobile phone and other precision electronics industry. High-end toys can also be applied to visual dispensing machines, such as intelligent baby robots, which require sophisticated dispensing technology. The visual dispenser can also be used if the surface of the toy is very fine.
Advantages of visual dispenser:
1. Desktop design, occupying small space, is very suitable for workshop production line.
2. The working range is from 100mm to 300mm. According to the situation of the working site, we can choose all kinds of itineraries.
3. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand, which is convenient for employees to operate and use.
4. The processing accuracy of the equipment is more accurate, and it is suitable for the use of typewriting on the surface of toys.