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Introduction of safe operation of dispensing machine

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1. Employees who have used dispensing machines need to be trained to understand the basic performance of the equipment.
Operating procedures, the function of each switch knob, etc. It can be operated on a computer.
2. It is not allowed to separate the machine from the machine before it is used after it is started.
3. Learn the control procedure of safe operation dispensing machine
(1) Pre-start the machine for 15-20 minutes.
(2) Pressure adjusting wheel according to paper thickness.
(3) Adjust the temperature knob according to the paper type and temperature resistance.
(4) Pressure test shall not be carried out before the machine reaches the set temperature.
4. After use, add cleaning powder to clean up dirt.
5. In case of one of the following circumstances, immediately cut off the power supply to notify the operator.
(1) When smoking or seeing open fire, when the paper breaks down after entering.
(2) When the paper is unable to withdraw due to power failure.
(3) Emergency shutdown due to malfunction.
6. Pay attention to personal safety. Don't put your hand in the press belt to adjust the paper and feeding table.
Use the dispenser in a safe manner