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Two types of visual automatic gluing machine

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henzhen Medium-sized Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on precise fluid control. Through R&D team, a visual intelligent glue coating machine with high-definition camera vision system is developed for intelligent recognition, positioning and automatic glue dispensing.
Overview of the function of visual automatic glue coating machine;
The main feature of visual gluing machine is that the product does not need to be placed in order or fixed device, but only on pallet or working platform. According to the data provided by the imaging system, the machine can automatically identify the position and direction of the product, and automatically control the position and quantity of the glue.
视觉自动涂胶机 There are two types of visual glue applicator made in China:
1. There are two types of machine for medium-sized visual glue coating machine: platform glue coating machine and online visual glue coating machine. Platform visual glue dispensing machine has a visual independent equipment structure produced by European manufacturers, which has high stability and provides a very stable dispensing effect for high-speed and precision dispensing. The platform type visual automatic glue coating machine is compact, simple, easy to operate and has high cost performance.
自动涂胶机 2. The cabinet-type visible glue coating machine/online visible glue coating machine adopts a super-large cabinet-type platform to ensure the stability of dispensing; it has the functions of intelligent identification and automatic proportioning, and also has the effect of automatic proportioning. Besides the application of individual proportioning, it can also realize the design of online three-axis manipulator, so that both discharging and withdrawing materials can be carried out simultaneously. Dispensing, the upper and lower links of the production line can be smoothly connected according to production needs.
Visual gluing machine for positioning cabinet assembly line
视觉涂胶就 Stability is the basis for automatic glue dispensing machine to achieve high-speed and high-precision dispensing, which is the advantage that ordinary glue dispensing machine can not achieve. Visual automatic glue dispensing machine can cooperate with high-speed jet valve to dispensing products without contact with the product surface, instead of traditional contact glue valve, to achieve higher accuracy. Faster dispensing effect, suitable for high-speed dispensing of medium and high viscosity fluids.