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Explanation of application scope of dispensing machine in us

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, production technology is also constantly moving towards automation, constantly improving our various production capacity, dispensing machine is widely used in large-scale production, product quality is determined by the production process, rather than relying on quality inspection departments to ensure, this explanation dispensing machine should be Scope of application.
Therefore, the fewer links of man-made control operation in the production process, the fewer production inconsistencies. The dispensing machine and its accessories matching system can control the uniformity, stability and high consistency of dispensing process. The use of high-quality dispensing system can avoid the impact of unbalanced operation technology and shift change in production on product quality and productivity. The wide application range of automatic dispensing machine can ensure the uniformity and stability of fluid distribution volume, thus ensuring the reliability and consistency of final product quality. Use can also greatly improve our production efficiency, is a good helper in large-scale production, because we can see its speed. In addition, fluid distribution technology should also be applied to precise dispensing and micro-dispensing.
Application field of dispensing machine:
1. Electro-acoustic industry: loudspeakers, buzzers, audio, headphones
2. Inductance industry: small transformer, patch transformer, inductor, relay, small coil motor
3. Communication industry: mobile phone buttons, mobile phone shell bonding, walkie-talkie, telephone, fax machine
4. Computer, Digital Products, Digital Camera, MP3, MP4, Electronic Toys
5. Switches, Connectors, Wires, Plugs
6. Electronics: Electronic components, integrated circuits, solder paste for circuit boards, fixing of electronic components, dust-proof and moisture-proof, liquid crystal display, etc. belong to the application scope of dispensing machines.
7. Optics: optical lens, optical head, magnetic head
桌面式涂胶机 8. Mechanical hardware
9. Battery box sealing
10. Fixed Adhesion of Trademarks
11. Light Emitting Diode Industry