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What problems should be noticed in the execution of high-pre

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Applied to the high-precision dispensing industry are some relatively high-end technology industries, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, mice, precision electronic scales, medical instruments, etc. These industries need dispensing technology is more sophisticated, the general manual dispensing machine is difficult to meet its requirements, dispensing in these industries. When, we usually choose the automatic dispensing machine, if the automatic dispensing machine can not meet the requirements, we have to choose the visual dispensing machine, the visual dispensing machine can carry out high-precision dispensing. What problems should we pay attention to in the process of high-speed dispensing?
The cost of products in precision electronics industry is usually relatively high, so we should pay attention to dispensing. When dispensing with visual dispensing machine, the first thing we should pay attention to is setting parameters. Setting parameters is the first step. Setting parameters is the first step to dispensing.
Secondly, we need to put in glue and install accessories. The material of dispensing syringe and dispensing syringe should be considered. For example, the characteristics of shadow-free glue are special. When receiving ultraviolet radiation, it will be cured. When we choose dispensing syringe, we can not use transparent dispensing syringe.
Like mobile phone dispensing technology is to use high precision dispensing technology, mobile phone dispensing is mainly the motherboard dispensing, high precision.
When dispensing machine is used, we should adjust the amount of glue and the dispensing time. If there is leakage of glue or wire drawing, it is necessary to stop the dispensing operation of the pipeline and check the reasons in time to avoid the loss of products on the pipeline caused by these problems. After all, the price of high-precision dispensing products is more expensive. If the operator can't check the cause of the problem, he can contact the manufacturer and check the cause of the problem on the spot.