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Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturers have many, is located in Zhangmutou town, there is a professional manufacturer, is a non-standard automatic dispensing machine manufacturers, can produce a series of non-standard and standard machines, has many ye.

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Equipped with screw type dispensing valve as the core dispensing device, it is called the full-automatic screw type dispensing machine. Actually, the core of the valve is that it is driven by the combination of voltage and air pressure, with a built-in se.

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Houjie dispensing machine refers to the machine manufactured by our company in China, which is used in Houjie area. Our headquarter is in Dongguan, our R D team and production are in Shenzhen, which is in line with the actual metropolis, and we can get mo.

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Stone horse dispenser refers to the stone horse village in Tangxia, Dongguan. In this area, there are many machines of our company. Basically, local manufacturers will choose our machine type. Why? Our company is located in Tangxia 128 Industrial Zone, wh.

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Located in Qingxi Town, Dongguan, our company has our machine production base. In order to better meet the manufacturers around Qingxi, our company has set up a new base in fugangcun North Street, Qingxi Town, which is used for machine sales and after-sal.

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High temperature sealing strip tabletop glue applicator is a special machine, which uses high temperature sealant for dispensing and gluing. Its structure is designed according to the product and glue type. It is suitable for the high temperature sealant .

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The application of high-temperature glue and the sealing tape applicator manufactured by our company can solve the problem of applying high-temperature sealant quickly. The glue type and products are targeted production. For example, 330ml high-temperatur.

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Solder paste dispenser is a special machine for using solder paste. It is the core demand of dispensing with dispensing valve and controller. It has targeted production effect and can meet dispensing task. Similar to high viscosity glue, it can use this f.

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How to add glue in the middle of the two-component floor glue filling machine requires a kind of machine accessories, called funnel pressure bucket. The principle is to install a funnel on the side of the pressure bucket, which can pour glue from the funn.

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Hot melt glue sprayer is a kind of special hot melt glue machine and equipment. It is widely used in dispensing and coating of various products, including daily necessities, household products, auto parts, hardware products, etc. hot melt glue can be used.