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Jet positioning dispensing machine is the type of machine manufactured by our medium-sized jet dispensing machine manufacturer. It uses single-liquid jet dispensing valve combined with three-axis dispensing machine to produce good dispensing equipment. It.

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551 dispensing machine is a standard type machine in dispensing equipment. Its fixed length, width and height are relatively fixed in the application industry and dispensing aspect. Products with a distance greater than 500 mm can no longer dispensing...

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Shenzhen is an international metropolis. In this international metropolis, there are a group of manufacturers producing visual spray dispensing machines. They are fighting day and night for the dispensing industry. At present, there are at least several h.

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331 means that the dispensing stroke is 300mm * 300mm * 100mm automatic spraying machine, which can meet the dispensing and packaging requirements within this journey. First, let you know the performance parameters of this three-axis desktop automatic spr.

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As the mainstream dispensing equipment, the dispensing efficiency will be more prominent when the high-speed spray dispensing machine is equipped with pipeline. This is the advanced dispensing equipment type in the target dispensing industry. However, the.

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Jet dispensing machine belongs to the future development trend of dispensing industry. At present, manufacturers are basically building automated production lines, and with jet dispensing machine, it can improve production speed. Jet dispensing machine is.

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Guidance: At present, there are not many products with high-precision dispensing technology. There are several products, such as jet dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine and precision dispensing machine, while the others belong to middle-upper or.

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Guide: Visual spray dispensing machine for the current dispensing industry, belongs to a more advanced equipment type, using non-standard production, meaning according to your industry production needs, tailor-made automatic dispensing equipment for you, .

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Guide: pur single-liquid platform sprayer is one of our special equipment for hot-melt adhesive manufacturing. The Chinese name of PUR glue means hot-melt adhesive. Because of the glue characteristics, it must be heated to give full play to the viscosity .

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Guided reading non-standard pressure dispensing machine is a machine type developed according to the demand of dispensing industry. There are two types of machines, one is large, the other is desktop. Today, the most important thing is to talk about deskt.