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In science and technology is the first productivity today, more and more industries began to use the equipment to replace the manual operation mode, in order to meet the production needs of users, the market also quickly dispensing machine types in the in.

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With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, industrial automation and the growing popularity of today, cheap labor is no longer the biggest characteristic Chinese manufacturing, many companies have chosen to replace the manual machine, manufactu.

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Jet automatic dispensing machine is currently the best dispensing equipment in the country, and the daily working efficiency can also reach 500mm/sec. Of course, this is the ideal speed. There will always be some things that will affect the efficiency of .

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Injection type glue belongs to a new dispensing mode, compared with the traditional contact methods with the use of a more wide range, and the injection efficiency of dispensing work faster and less failure, so in the modern manufacturing automatic jet di.

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The on-line equipment occupies a very important position in modern industrial production, the special power supply connection can realize uninterrupted power supply work drive, can guarantee the stability of normal work, automatic dispensing machine a...

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Non contact type automatic dispensing machine can be loaded with a non contact glue gun, glue can work on a variety of semi automatic large furniture, not only with path uniform and docking results, more important is to avoid splashing through the glue di.

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Three dimensional automatic dispensing machine is commonly used in modern industrial production of a dispensing equipment, is a pioneer in the domestic dispensing spray technology, the detection system can realize the 3D with unique automatic work, applie.

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Automatic dispensing machine is a commonly used in industrial equipment, with the market demand rise and change of micro dispensing automatic dispensing machine has been unable to meet some of the large object production line, appear jet di...

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The spray is a special way of dispensing, also called non contact methods, in this way the effect of dispensing better contact dispensing, so the manufacturer is moving in the direction of non-contact dispensing direction, introduce the non...

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Glue glue dispensing machine is a special glue dispensing equipment, can perform work can also perform glue dispensing work, in order to achieve the best glue viscosity, usually use high viscosity two-component glue as adhesive glue sprayin...