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Spray dispensing valve for dispensing by spraying

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Guidance: Spraying dispensing valve is a new dispensing valve. It is different from the previous dispensing method. It is called jet dispensing or non-contact dispensing. It also changes the automatic dispensing machine into jet dispensing machine. The performance of the equipment equipped with spraying dispensing valve will be greatly improved. It can best reflect the dispensing speed and accuracy. At present, the application scope of spraying valve is also growing.
Parameters of spray dispensing valve
Model: ZZ-28
Working Pressure: 0.8MPA
Minimum output: 0.01mm
Applicable Viscosity: 1-1,000,000 CPS
Subject Material: Super Cemented Carbide
Weight: 290g
Back pressure: 12 BPR
Feeding pressure: 1/8"NPT
Frequency of vomiting: 1000 times per second
Operating temperature: 0~80 degrees
Applicable glue for spray dispensing valve
The glue that can make desktop visual dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine point respectively has red glue, binding glue, surface mounting glue, grease, paint, pressure sensitive glue, grease, lubricant and so on.
Applied industries
喷射式点胶阀 Electronic industry, mobile phone industry, handicraft, chip, camera module, automobile, micro-machine, medical equipment, photovoltaic industry, display screen coated with three anti-paint, etc.
Now desktop visual dispenser assembly spraying dispensing valve, greatly improve the dispensing accuracy and speed, but also improve the grade of dispensing equipment, which belongs to the category of spraying dispensing machine, and we will develop customized machines, which is spraying valve application more industries, why even the display screen coated with three anti-paint can also be used oh.
Desktop visual dispensing machine is only equipped with spray dispensing valves, to complete the display screen coating three anti-paint, because the general dispensing equipment, also can not meet the requirements of using paint, paint belongs to the fluidity of relatively fast, general dispensing valve is unable to meet the demand, spray valve application scope is comparative, if you need desktop visual dispensing machine or spray dispensing valve are all. It can be purchased here. You can call our hotline 15766102171.