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Piezoelectric dispensing valve matched with jet dispensing m

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Guide: Piezoelectric dispensing valve is a new type of dispensing valve. It is also a special type of dispensing valve used by the new jet dispensing machine. Different from the previous dispensing valve driving mode, piezoelectric dispensing valve uses voltage as power to spray glue quickly, with high dispensing accuracy and speed. It is a new product in dispensing industry in recent years.
喷射式点胶阀 Parameters of piezoelectric dispensing valve
Type: zz-88 Name: Piezoelectric dispensing valve
Rubber Valve Weight: 245g Minimum Spray Quantity: 0.3mm
According to machine type: non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine
Applicable glue concentration: 6k-1800k CPS maximum injection speed: 300 times per second
压电式点胶阀 Pressure range: 0.1-0.7 bar
Glue for piezoelectric dispensing valve
Smt red glue, paint, silver paste and so on, only the glue that meets the requirements of 6k-1800kcps, has natural fluidity and no special requirements can be basically applied. Non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine can be used as the control machine, and of course, non-punctuating equipment can be designed to meet the production needs.
Applicable industry of piezoelectric dispensing valve
Chip dispensing industry, life sciences, optoelectronics industry, aviation electronics, micro-lens dispensing, LED mold packaging and so on, can meet the dispensing needs, mainly depends on whether it can meet the glue application needs, while jet dispensing machine is able to make non-standard plate, is to do dispensing equipment according to industry needs, whether it can meet industry production needs, mainly depends on piezoelectric dispensing valve can be suitable. What type of glue to use?
Non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine means to design according to the demand of industry dispensing, without any drawings, and then according to the demand of industry, design the manufacturing plan of jet dispensing machine, the time cycle may be longer.
The work efficiency and dispensing effect of piezoelectric dispensing valves are very powerful. If you need it, you can call the telephone service hotline: 13928403389. We can design non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine.