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Small dispensing valves with medium and low concentration gl

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Small dispensing valves belong to the small flow dispensing valves series, meaning that they can meet the dispensing requirements of some products with high accuracy, such as dispensing medical equipment, which can meet the demand, and the price of small dispensing valves is relatively cheap, probably in about 200.
Parameters of dispensing valve
Rubber Valve Model: D25 Use Air Source: 4-7gf/cm
Cylinder: Minimum exhaust volume of compound cylinder: 0.1mm
Operating Viscosity: 1-5000cps Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Anode
柱塞式点胶阀 Feed pressure: < 300 feed port size: 1/8"NPT (f)
Operating speed: <600/min weight: 150g
Satisfactory dispensing industry
Above are the parameters of small dispensing valves. You can choose the dispensing valves according to the parameters. Then explain to you what industries and dispensing machines small dispensing valves can use. First, introduce the dispensing industry that can be applied, including medical equipment dispensing, electronic circuit board dispensing, laptop dispensing, LED light tube dispensing, mobile phone dispensing, automobile dispensing. Accessories dispensing and so on, can use a small dispensing valve for dispensing, and with pur single-liquid platform spraying machine can be dispensing notebook oh!
Satisfactory dispensing equipment
Can use a variety of types of industry dispensing, dispensing machine can be matched is also very many, such as: automatic dispensing machine, pur single-liquid platform spraying machine, three-axis dispensing machine, four-axis dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, duplex location dispensing machine, etc., can basically use this small dispensing valve, as long as it meets the accuracy requirements of dispensing glue and industry, can basically use the system. The manufacturing process belongs to the standard process.
If you need small dispensing valves or PUR single-liquid platform spraying machines, or need dispensing machines from other industries, you can also find our medium-sized manufacturers, not only standard dispensing machines for sale, but also non-punctuating machines. Our telephone service hotline is 13928403389.