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Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturer can sell imported d

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Imported dispensing valves are different from domestic dispensing valves, especially in dispensing accuracy. In some industries which are particularly difficult to meet the requirements of dispensing accuracy, imported dispensing valves need to be used as glue control devices to achieve high-precision dispensing. One dispensing valve can change the quality of countless products.
Price of imported dispensing
喷射式点胶阀 Multifunctional spraying machine and automatic spraying dispensing machine use rubber valves which are advanced. Domestic production of rubber valves should basically be more than 60,000. Imported dispensing valves are about 150,000. The dispensing technology can be used. It can be imagined how high the performance and accuracy of imported dispensing valves are. The use of this dispensing valve can meet the needs of high-precision use.
Imported dispensing valves manufactured and wholesaled
喷射式点胶阀 We import dispensing valves in cooperation with German manufacturers and act as agents for their dispensing accessories. We can wholesale and sell these dispensing accessories and dispensing machines. Full-automatic spray dispensing machine is a type of equipment which is often produced. It is mainly used in low-concentration dispensing, such as label spraying, etc., but it is a domestic spray dispensing valve, although the dispensing effect may not be foreign. High, but the dispensing effect can still meet the needs of some industries, specific operations can come to our company for testing!
Customized dispensing valve according to the demand of dispensing industry
视觉点胶机 Using different dispensing valves, mainly according to the requirements of the industry, if the industry dispensing accuracy is not very high, then you do not need to use imported dispensing valves, the use of national year dispensing valves can complete the dispensing task, we also produce a large number of dispensing valves, if you have time to come to our factory in Dongguan, we have multi-functional spraying machine and automatic spraying dispensing machine, and so on. Yes, there are many dispensing valves and imported dispensing valves for you to test whether they meet the requirements of dispensing. Our telephone service hotline is 13928403389.