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Pneumatic single component high speed precision jet valve

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Precision jet valve is a valve made by advanced technology, which differs from other dispensing valves in dispensing method, using spray dispensing technology, while the usual dispensing valve is dispensing method, using spray method can improve the accuracy of dispensing, especially the use of low concentration glue, can achieve maximum dispensing effect.
Dispensing effect display for products
精密喷射式点胶阀 Visual screw valve dispensing machine used in TFT module dispensing with precision jet valve will meet the dispensing requirements better than using ordinary dispensing valve. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01mm by using injection method. This dispensing effect can not be achieved by general equipment, because the requirements of TFT module dispensing are relatively high, so it will be used to visual screw valve dispensing machine with precision jet valve to complete this point. The glue task, of course, also needs to be matched with the piston pressure bucket to store glue.
Imported dispensing valve and domestic dispensing valve
There are two kinds of precision jet dispensing valves, the first one is domestic precision jet valves, the second one is imported precision jet valves. They are different. The precision and service life of imported jet valves will be higher, while the effect of imported precision jet valves for dispensing of TFT module will be higher. This is due to the gap between technologies. In the overall dispensing mode, there is still a domestic dispensing valve manufacturing technology. Definite gaps.
Parameters of imported precision jet valve:
Rubber Valve Model: zz-698 Rubber Valve Name: Precision Jet Valve
Glue Viscosity: 10-2000000cps Injection Accuracy: 0.01mm~0.21mm
Repeated dispensing accuracy: +0.02% input voltage: 24V
Rubber Valve Temperature: 0-60 degrees Celsius Weight: 900g
Fast Receiving Information Technology
This precision injection valve is suitable for all kinds of glue dispensing, and dispensing time is very short. In 0.5s, it can transfer from visual screw dispensing machine to glue valve. The reaction speed of valve is also very strong. It can control glue quantity and glue breaking in a short time, so the dispensing accuracy is very high.
We use visual screw valve dispensing machine for TFT module dispensing, which does not need Z axis, so as to improve dispensing speed, and will not lead to errors in moving position. This is the dispensing method we designed. If you need dispensing technology in this area, you can find our manufacturer of medium-sized automation equipment, telephone service hotline: 139-2840-3389.