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What factors are directly related to the control of glue acc

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In the service dispensing industry, I have encountered the most problems, that is, how to control the glue accuracy. In fact, the glue control has little to do with the automatic dispensing machine. The function of the machine is to control the trajectory of movement so that it can realize the dispensing methods of line, point, circle and arc. The glue accuracy is controlled by the precise dispensing valve and the dispensing needle.
One of the factors controlling the accuracy of glue
点胶阀 For example: automatic dispensing machine dispensing in laptop radiator will use ordinary dispensing valves for dispensing, generally using thermal conductive silica gel for dispensing, while ordinary dispensing valves can not control the accuracy of glue, but can only control the flow and stop of glue. Generally, leakage and wire drawing are the problems of dispensing valves, and inadequate accuracy is the problem of dispensing accuracy, so we need to base on it. Width and height of dispensing shall be selected according to dispensing specifications.
The Second Factor of Controlling Glue Accuracy
Another is the dispensing valve and the system to control the glue accuracy, that is, the precision non-contact dispensing machine and the precision dispensing valve, because the precision dispensing valve uses the spray dispensing method, does not need to use the dispensing needle to control the glue accuracy, uses the high pressure way to spray out the glue, can guarantee its high precision dispensing method, but uses the precision non-contact dispensing machine and the precision dispensing valve need. The cost will be higher than using automatic dispensing machine and ordinary dispensing valve. Choosing suitable production mode according to the industry dispensing requirements can be similar to using automatic dispensing machine with dispensing needle for laptop radiator dispensing, which can also meet the requirements of dispensing accuracy.
Method of selecting dispensing needle
塑钢针头 The method of glue accuracy control is very simple. For example, the width of dispensing of laptop radiator is 0.3 mm and the height is 1 mm. The needle with 0.1 inner diameter can be selected as dispensing needle. The needle with small triple size can meet the requirement of glue control accuracy, but it has some relationship with glue concentration. Because the products with good glue flowability will have flowing situation, so it is necessary to select needle with small triple size. Choose a smaller needle to meet the requirements of dispensing.
喷射式点胶阀 If you have any doubts about the glue accuracy control, please call the telephone service hotline: 139-2840-3389.