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304 Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel Carbon Steel Piston Pres

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Piston pressure barrel is more complex than ordinary pressure barrel. Installing piston in inner barrel and changing the way of glue release, the general pressure barrel is glue release on the head, while the piston pressure barrel is glue release on the bottom. Different structure can realize different glue storage technology. Don't underestimate such modification, it is special in it.
Pressure barrels of two materials
Our visual dispensing machine manufacturer produces two types of piston pressure drums, which are classified according to their material types. They are 304 stainless steel and carbon steel respectively. They have similar characteristics, but stainless steel has higher corrosion resistance and higher cost. There is no obvious gap between the others. Both piston pressure drums can use visual screw valve dispensing machine and ordinary dispensing machine. And jet dispenser.
Characteristics of Piston Pressure Barrel
The piston pressure barrel increases the piston on the original basis and increases the pressure on the glue. This method has a good driving effect on the glue with high viscosity. Additionally, the way of bottom glue discharge makes it easier to meet the high viscosity glue dispensing. This type of pressure barrel is especially easy to meet the use of visual screw valve dispensing machine because of the use of double-liquid glue for glue. The control requirements are higher. Suitable glue includes silica gel, yellow glue, grease, lubricant, solder paste and so on. These high viscosity glue meet the requirements of piston pressure barrel.
Two Kinds of Pressure Barrel Pistons
Piston pressure barrel has two kinds of pistons, the first, nylon piston, the second, aluminum piston, aluminum products are naturally better than nylon, with better methodologies, the use of aluminium piston for cleaning fluid comparison method, and the greater the pressure requirements, the larger the weight of its own aluminium piston, can automatically downward extrusion, but the cost will be higher than nylon piston.
Pressure drum assembly should pay attention to, you can point down the pressure drum assembly word, we have written about the pressure drum assembly to pay attention to the situation, pressure drum accessories, but the first assembly will also have some trouble, piston pressure drum is the same, in fact, the same as the first use of visual dispensing machine, not used things are more troublesome, visual screw valve dispensing machine is also. It's the same.