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3131 automatic dispensing valve UV silica gel single liquid

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Single-liquid dispensing valve is one of the popular ones in the dispensing market. Whether it can meet the dispensing requirements depends not only on the performance of dispensing machine, but also on the dispensing valve. The single-liquid dispensing valve mainly controls the size of the glue and the dispensing. The function of the dispensing valve is very great, whether it is on the double-head spray machine or on the spray dispensing machine, it is the same.
单液点胶阀 Advantage of single-liquid dispensing valve
(1) Controlling the amount of glue to meet the requirement of dispensing accuracy in industry
(2) The dispensing valve can make the spray dispensing machine realize diversified dispensing.
(3) Various types of glue can be used for dispensing.
点胶阀 For example, the type of glue that the single-liquid dispensing valve can meet includes epoxy resin glue, UV glue, silica gel, yellow glue, black glue, glass glue and so on. Basic single-component glue can meet the requirements of use, and there are many industries that can be used, such as sole dispensing, toy dispensing, mobile phone dispensing, PCB board dispensing, toy car tracker dispensing and so on, as long as the right dispensing machine is used. These industries are able to meet production needs.
Dual-end spraying machine can meet the production needs, but also with two dispensing valves, can achieve simultaneous point of two products, fundamentally solve the production speed problem, dispensing effect will be better improved, so the role of machine type is very strong, the application of sole dispensing is also the same, can achieve more requirements for glue filling, these machines bring. Advantages.
Single-liquid dispensing valve and double-head dispensing machine are also very matched. Jet dispensing machine can also use single-liquid dispensing valve for dispensing. The dispensing effect will be more stable for double-head dispensing machine, because the effect of jet dispensing machine is better than that of ordinary dispensing machine, and can achieve higher dispensing requirements.