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Selection of Ultraviolet Glue Injector Using Ultraviolet Glu

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  With the rapid development of dispensing industry, a variety of dispensing machines are increasing, so the corresponding syringes are also matched with the types of dispensing machines. There are so many kinds of dispensing syringes on the market. How can we choose the right type of syringe?
针筒注射器   Although dispensing machine has been widely used, some people still do not know much about the use of dispensing syringes. The important thing is that the people who have this idea are wrong. The selection of syringe type is also normative. The properties of glue must be considered, followed by the viscosity of glue and the chemical properties of glue.

Uv syringe

琥珀色点胶针筒   Instantaneous glue: For water-based safety piston and Teflon lined metal dispensing syringe, tapered inclined dispensing needle can be used for high viscosity instantaneous adhesive, PP dispensing needle for flexibility control dispensing, UV glue: using amber dispensing syringe, white piston and inclined dispensing needle (curable UV). If you use other types of dispensing syringes, there are two more specific examples: light-cured adhesives: black opaque dispensing syringe syringe, white piston, ultraviolet dispensing needle; anaerobic adhesives: 10CC dispensing syringe and white PE universal piston. Different types of dispensing syringes are chosen according to different types of glue, so that dispensing can be more effective and guaranteed the quality of the dispensing syringes.