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Multifunctional dispensing handle controller

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  The handle controller is a kind of accessory that every platform gluing machine will bring. Combined with the current glue dispensing system, it can be convenient and debugging. How to design the surface gluing path is directly related to the handle controller. There are various axis buttons on the handle, which are used to determine the position of Mechanical three axes. It is a very convenient way to use it. It is sure to use it up, down, left and right.
  Maybe the first contact handle controller does not understand, do not know how to operate, will certainly be very confused, but professional teaching, can fully learn how to operate the platform type gluing machine in half an hour. Due to the unremitting efforts of the scientific research personnel of the manufacturer, today's fool like operation mode is available. With the handle controller, the surface coating technology is relatively simple Single, and easy to control, according to the mobile mechanical axis, so as to determine the dispensing path, avoid inaccurate problems.
  The effect of applying glue on the telescopic belt is to apply W-shape shape, and then connect them together. The positioning of each point is very accurate. First, the handle controller is needed to accurately set the starting point, and then the line can be drawn. At each turning point, it needs to make a confirmation point. Two points and one line need to be recorded. Until finally it coincides with the starting point, the gluing path setting is completed, and then it is guaranteed Save the program, then you can glue the expansion belt, and also equipped with a round fixture, as long as each is placed in a fixed position, you can carry out dispensing, there is no need to proofread each time, the production speed has been greatly improved.
  Platform type gluing machine to use the constant control dispensing system, will be equipped with a handle controller Oh! In addition to some need to use computer control, it will not be equipped with handle controller, but the surface gluing technology is basically the same, but the method will be different. Before manufacturing the machine, we will make reasonable fixture, linear fixture, circular fixture, automobile fixture, etc. according to the core requirements of the manufacturer, for fixing. Because of the requirements of the adhesive coating of the expansion belt, the round fixture will be configured Our company also has the technology of producing fixture!