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How to choose the appropriate accessories for the precision

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The dispensing performance with the use of accessories there is a direct relationship, no matter how dispensing machine are the use of accessories, just use the parts quality, precision automatic dispensing machine use accessories are the best to build the domestic dispensing technology accessories, the quality method can be a little foreign some bad, which can meet the task of dispensing domestic, domestic enterprises have been strengthening efforts in research and development, automatic dispensing machine now with its foreign technology.
Precision automatic dispensing machine parts production is produced by mold, scale is suitable for precision dispensing machine, dispensing valve is anodized, all the parts are corrosion and production process, but also can long time dispenser for dispensing, but the main reason is not afraid of glue curing, this is a source of with the use of important accessories.
Precision dispensing valve is precision automatic dispensing machine will need to use the accessories, because of the high precision automatic dispensing machine and it has a great relationship, so the dispensing valve needs to be configured according to the performance of the dispensing machine, it can put the characteristics of dispensing all play, dispensing effect will be better, a lot of point
Precision automatic dispensing machine in addition to the valve, and the mechanical and Y axis stability, the rail material use, the use of pneumatic valves, these are related, appropriate works are carefully made, each suitable parts are through experiments and transformation of thousands of times and making a a good precision automatic dispensing machine is the need to spend a lot of time and energy, as well as accessories manufacturing.