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Which parts are made up of a desktop dispenser

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Desktop automatic glue dispenser can be used in electronic parts, mobile phone keys, loudspeakers, toy production, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries. General glue machine model is relatively small, easy to place, suitable for small products. So, is the desktop automatic glue made up of those parts?
General desktop glue machine is made up of glue valve, glue needle, guide rail, power switch, control system, controller and other parts. The desktop automatic dispensing machine is dispensed according to the control system. In order to facilitate the control, the dispenser is equipped with a controller. After the power is turned on, the staff can manually adjust the dispensing parameters, and facilitate dispensing.
Because desktop dispensers need to be used for a long time, some parts will be damaged with time. It will not only affect the quality of dispensing, but also have some influence on the desktop automatic dispensing machine itself. In order to ensure that the dispensing machine can be used normally, the desktop automatic dispensing machine is made of mixed material, which can avoid damage to the desktop dispensing machine for a long time and ensure the normal use of dispensing machine.
Some tabletop glue machines are equipped with two glue valves and guideway, which can make the glue work at the same time, and the speed of the glue is faster. And the desktop dispensing operation is relatively simple, although a dispensing machine needs a staff replacement product, operation, but a dispensing efficiency is one point efficiency of the glue dispensing several times, dispensing with high efficiency. When we use the desktop dispenser to do dispensing, we need to debug the location and distance between the product and the dispensing needle, so as to avoid the deviation of the dispenser in distance or position, and affect the accuracy of dispensing.