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Special jet valve for automatic dispensing machine

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Jet dispensing has been reflected in the spray machine, in fact as long as the automatic dispensing machine loading injection valve and spray head can achieve a large area of dispensing work, spraying in the industrial production more practical docking effect is better, can perform automatic dispensing machine called spray jet from the point of the rubber machine, in order to spray work needs the special configuration of injection valve.
Most dispensing machine manufacturers are toward non-contact dispensing development, non-contact Z axis eliminating contact dispensing, and will not be drawing such as dispensing process, so the injection valve market wide application field is more popular. Injection valve can make automatic dispensing machine to achieve a more efficient strong dispensing work, can handle the glue very much, in addition to the commonly used glue can deal with UV glue, red glue and other special glue glue, wide applicability and high durability.
The automatic injection valve can ensure the uniform para dispensing contact dispensing most items, the work speed is its defects, through spraying can help consumers with high-speed automatic dispensing work, so most dispensing link from contact dispensing into the non-contact dispensing injection valve, automatic dispensing machine to help accelerate the glue material allocation rate, not only to ensure the consistency of the docking and object dispensing effect even coating.
自动 喷胶工作阀
Large NC glue machine
The injection valve can help achieve automatic dispensing machine spraying process, so it can perform on large objects in the production of dispensing, some large glass furniture leather production line can be used to perform efficient spraying automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine operating system can make the docking reaction speed glue, glue by object after impact impact resistant, practical value of further.