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Application of multi axis glue dispenser in battery box need

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Technology of battery compartment need relatively low, nor what the requirements for accuracy, using multi axis dispensing machine just in order to improve the speed of production, battery compartment is mainly to prevent the box was opened, the glue groove on both sides of the still relatively large, so the dispensing requirements becomes relatively low, the use of multi axis dispensing machine at the same time can produce multiple products, greatly enhance the efficiency of dispensing.
Multi axis dispensing machine is generally a clamp of more than two, so that it can be done at the same time dispensing, dispensing machines don't ordinary faster, the number of daily production will be more, the cost of production of the battery box need not high, profits may be relatively small, but the production speed so, to improve the production speed, the use of multi axis automatic dispensing machine can make the enterprise more high profits.
Need to pay attention to some problems of multi axis automatic dispensing machine with battery box for dispensing, dispensing valve is the use of parallel fixture, the balance is very important, in order to keep about dispensing valve dispensing effect, the need for balance testing, so that both can balance or glue dispensing, is out of control. Some need to synchronize, not let will lead to many problems of dispensing.
The use of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is very suitable battery compartment, above two problems pay attention to good, basic does not appear dispensing other problems, the production effect can be changed according to the difficulty of dispensing valve, if can not solve the need to replace the dispensing machine, some industries are not suitable for multi axis automatic dispensing machine, such as precision the higher the industry, it is best not to use multi axis dispenser for dispensing.