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PVC glue is a flammable product and should be paid attention

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  PVC glue is made of inflammable materials, but also has a certain toxicity, if staff for a long time in PVC brand dispensing, mobile phone wiring point PVC glue production links, easy to cause poisoning operators, mental and physical health of employees. In order to prevent the occurrence of poisoning incidents, PVC visual dispensing machine will be used in the production of PVC glue dispensing, such as PVC trademark dispensing, mobile phone dispensing and so on.

  Use PVC vision dispenser to point PVC glue.

PVC visual dispensing machine is a special large-scale dispensing equipment for dispensing PVC glue. It is often used in dispensing PVC trademark and mobile phone dispensing. Because of the nature of PVC glue, using PVC visual dispensing machine can not only replace employees to complete dispensing production, avoid the problem of glue poisoning, but also effectively improve PV. C trademark dispensing, mobile phone line production efficiency. Although the use of PVC visual dispensing machine for product dispensing PVC glue can prevent dispensing production problems, but in the use of this glue, we need to pay attention to the dispensing machine use attention.

  PVC notes for use of glue

  PVC glue is a kind of inflammable adhesive, so before using this glue, it is better to choose far away from the high-temperature environment to complete the dispensing production, of course, in the storage of PVC glue, it is best to store according to the storage of inflammable goods, it is recommended to put PVC glue in the shade of the vent, but also away from high-temperature, inflammable products. In PVC trademark dispensing and mobile phone dispensing, using PVC visual dispensing machine found that the bonding fixity of the product is not good, which may be caused by the reason that PVC glue is not dry. This kind of problem is unavoidable.
  PVC glue is a kind of inflammable glue. In the application of PVC visual dispensing machine, we must pay attention to the use and operation of PVC glue to ensure the quality of PVC brand dispensing and mobile phone dispensing.