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Customization of non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machi

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Guided reading non-standard pressure dispensing machine is a machine type developed according to the demand of dispensing industry. There are two types of machines, one is large, the other is desktop. Today, the most important thing is to talk about desktop non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine. There are not many large parts, but the dispensing accuracy is still not low. High speed and high precision are synonyms of non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine. 。
压电式点胶机 Parameters of non-standard piezoelectric dispenser
Type: Jet dispenser
Model: zz324
Dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm
Dispensing speed: 800mm/sec
非标喷射式点胶机 Bearing moving speed: 0.1-500 mm/sec
Dispensing method: spraying
Pressure: > 0.6 APM
Working temperature: 0 - 40 degrees
Z-axis dispensing width: 400 mm
The highest dispensing height is 30mm.
This is the basic parameters of non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine, and also belongs to the standard of spray dispensing machine. 221 to 551 are standard sizes. Non-standard means customizing according to requirements. Generally, they are only suitable for one industry. Pressure dispensing valve is only the standard of spray dispensing machine. The dispensing method is no longer different from the previous dispensing method, but spraying method.
非标点胶机 Advantages of Non-standard Machines
Nowadays, the demand for dispensing in dispensing industry is getting higher and higher. Non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine is the trend of dispensing industry. No dispensing equipment can be higher or faster than the dispensing speed of jet dispensing machine in dispensing accuracy. Moreover, the sealing property of piezoelectric dispensing valve of jet dispensing machine is very good, which can prevent glue leakage, so piezoelectric dispensing valve can prevent glue leakage. Especially in line with the use of low viscosity is a little similar to paint.
Non-standard piezoelectric dispensing machine configuration in addition to piezoelectric dispensing valve (imported and domestic, imported piezoelectric dispensing valve price is 20,000, and domestic price is thousands, the difference between the two is the service life, import will be better), there are imported solenoid valves, and the whole body is made of aluminum alloy, the service life is very long. If you need a non-standard piezoelectric dispenser, you can dial the hotline.