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A New Type of Jet High Speed Dispenser Developed by Neutral

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Jet dispensing machine belongs to the future development trend of dispensing industry. At present, manufacturers are basically building automated production lines, and with jet dispensing machine, it can improve production speed. Jet dispensing machine is also known as high-speed dispensing machine, dispensing speed, dispensing accuracy, path design effect are more prominent, but also with intelligent dispensing system!
Two Jet Dispensers
At present, there is no stock of high-speed dispensing machine, if necessary, you can call to order, the delivery time is generally 30 days, we produce two kinds of jet dispensing machine, namely large-scale high-speed dispensing machine, small high-speed dispensing machine, only travel more than 600 mm * 600 mm * 100 mm basically belongs to large-scale jet dispensing machine, also known as non-standard jet dispensing machine, special. Doors are used in some large-scale objects, such as automotive stamping parts spraying, car label spraying, mahjong spraying and so on.
Differences between the two
高速视觉点胶机 High-speed dispensing machine spraying technology is more prominent, mainly in the use of systems and dispensing valves, dispensing in high-precision industries, such as mobile phones or chips, generally using imported dispensing valves, high accuracy, long service life; similar jewelry spraying and automotive stamping parts spraying, will use more domestic dispensing valves, domestic dispensing valves will cost half of imported dispensing valves. About.
Parameters of Large High Speed Dispenser
Model: zz-dx-103 specification: 1300*1300*1700 (mm)
Dispensing range: 400 mm repetition accuracy: +0.02 mm
Accuracy of dispensing: 0.1mm dispensing mode: spray dispensing
Dispensing speed: 0 ~ 400 mm squid s dispensing pressure: 0 ~ 0.8 MPa
Power system: servo motor + stepping motor operating system: PLC system + touch screen
This is the basic parameter of large high-speed dispensing machine, followed by the parameters of small high-speed dispensing machine.
Parameters of Small High Speed Dispenser
Model: zz-xx-104 specification: 460*520*490 (mm)
Dispensing range (xyz): 300*300*100mm repetition accuracy: +0.2%
Accuracy of dispensing: 400mm dispensing method: spray dispensing
Operating Mode: Automatic or Manual Operating System: Constant Control System
Drive system: synchronous belt + silver Guide
This is the basic parameter of small high-speed dispensing machine. Both of them can be used to import dispensing valve for dispensing. The cost of small jet high-speed dispensing machine is lower, but its performance will not be as good as that of large dispensing machine.
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