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441 Platform for Desktop Automatic Dispenser

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441 dispensing machine is a conventional dispensing equipment, or a standard automatic dispensing machine. The length of X/Y/Z is fixed at 400*400*100, etc. It can realize mass production. It is called a standard machine. We also often use 441 dispensing machine, which has a good length and can complete the dispensing of products of 400 mm size.
Dispensing accessories for 441 dispensing machine
441点胶机 In the tracker of toy car, gluing is accomplished by using 441 dispensing machine and silica gel sleeve, while 441 dispensing machine can not only place silica gel sleeve, but also place a lot of dispensing accessories, such as: jet dispensing valve, 3131 dispensing valve, silica gel sleeve, oz sleeve, dispensing needle tube and small conveyor tube, etc. These accessories can be used with 441 dispensing machine, indicating that the automatic dispensing machine can be used. It has a very wide range of applications.
A variety of glue application requirements that can be met
Can use a variety of dispensing accessories, in the glue can also meet a variety of glue requirements, such as: epoxy glue, double liquid glue, tin paste, ink, red glue, black glue, silica gel, UV glue, hot melt glue, etc., these types of glue can also be used to meet the glue and industry needs. The demand for dispensing may be higher in the industry, but we can produce non-standard machines to meet your production needs.
点胶机 Material used in manufacturing machines
Our medium-sized automatic dispensing machine manufacturer manufactures 441 dispensing machine, using a variety of machine core production technology and high-quality configuration, such as imported stepping motors and Taiwan's silver guide, the control system is also using a well-known domestic manufacturer system, stable operation and fast production speed, application in toy car tracker gluing, can also achieve good gluing requirements.
Operating method of dispensing machine
441 dispensing machine production mode is relatively simple, for example: in the toy car tracker glue, only need to make a word and a fixed device can be used to fix the toy car tracker, the fixed device used to fix the silica gel sleeve, connected to the air pressure, and then programming the dispensing path, can be dispensing, front and rear design does not need half an hour, but also can store 1000 points. The glue program is convenient for second use.
三轴点胶机 In a variety of automatic dispensing machines, the standard machine is very simple to use, does not need too many complex steps, can also dispensing task, toy car tracker glue is one example, if you use 441 dispensing machine, can give manufacturers a way of rapid production.