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Transparent 30cc piston dispensing syringe can be matched wi

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There are two kinds of piston dispensing syringes, one is American dispensing syringe and the other is Japanese dispensing syringe. Subdividing them into amber dispensing syringe, green dispensing syringe, black dispensing syringe and transparent dispensing syringe can be classified according to the color. The colored dispensing syringe is more suitable for the use of UV glue. In terms of specifications, 30cc is used more, while the piston dispensing syringe is widely used.
Function of dispensing syringe
活塞式点胶针筒 The dispensing syringe is often used in the dispensing industry. Because of the characteristics of the glue, the glue has anticorrosion and solidification. If the glue sticks to the piston dispensing syringe, it can not be used again. Because of the low cost, many manufacturers will choose the dispensing syringe as a dispensing accessories. The cost of using the dispensing valve is high. After each use, the dispensing valve needs to be cleaned to avoid the second use. There is a dispensing problem.
Application of dispensing syringe
Ground-type time dispensing machine is used to seal the screen of mobile phone, and the dispensing fittings are piston dispensing syringe. In fact, the use of piston dispensing syringe is easier to control the fluidity and output of glue. The disadvantage of dispensing syringe is that it can store less glue, and it can also meet the requirements for glue filling, but it can not meet the requirements for large flow. Similar to mobile phone screen sealing, these requirements are small. Measuring glue can use piston dispensing syringe dispensing, high precision positioning of visual dispensing machine, and then use controllable syringe, the glue filling effect will be greatly improved.
绿色点胶针筒 Core Technology of Visual Dispenser
The use of visual dispensing machine for mobile screen sealing is no longer a secret matter, but to quickly dispensing effect and high-precision dispensing, non-visual dispensing machine can not be completed, other types of dispensing effect, will be far lower than the visual dispensing machine, ordinary dispensing machine in general dispensing accuracy requirements can be satisfied, but high-precision, or the use of landing visual dispensing machine is better.
Our Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturer not only produces dispensing equipment, but also various types of dispensing accessories. Piston dispensing syringe is one of them. If you need to use dispensing machine, dispensing valve, dispensing needle, dispensing controller and so on, you can choose our medium-sized manufacturer with preferential price and one-stop service.