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4331 Desktop Type Automatic Jet Dual-Head Gum Spraying Machi

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  The double-head sprayer combined with these two dispensing valves, also known as the double X/Y axis automatic dispensing machine, can dispensing at the same time, equivalent to the original dispensing speed, double the acceleration, can faster complete the dispensing or dispensing speed requirements, and both are synchronous work, dispensing effect is the same.
Double-end dispensing design to increase dispensing speed
  Desktop jet dispensing machine can be used in shoe sole dispensing by double-end glue coating. It can not only control the glue coating effect, but also meet the requirement of rapid dispensing. Now the production speed and quality are one of the main factors determining whether the manufacturer can make profits. The market competition is gradually expanding, and the test for the manufacturer is also gradually increasing, so the selector The production equipment that meets the demand can greatly increase the competitiveness of manufacturers in the market.
Machine dispensing speed
  Double-head spraying machine used in sole dispensing, can complete two sole dispensing at one time, and dispensing speed in 3 seconds, which depends on the sole dispensing range, which is three to four times the speed of manual production, so the sole dispensing selection of double-head spraying machine, can complete dispensing task faster, double-head spraying machine movement speed can reach 500 mm/s, with a single liquid dispensing valve speed can also reach. 480mm/s.
Performance parameters of double-head sprayer
Machine Model: zz-st-55 Machine Name: Dual-head Sprayer
Fixing device: 3-D fixing die dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm
桌面式点胶机 Dispensing accessories: stainless steel pressure drum, single liquid dispensing valve driving mode: stepping motor
Driving mode: synchronous belt + double guide rail repetitive dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm
The single-liquid dispensing valve used in double-head spraying machine can use many types of glue. It can also replace dispensing valve or other types of accessories according to the type of glue or industry demand. For example, when used in sole dispensing and mobile phone dispensing, the types of glue and dispensing accuracy are different. Better dispensing accessories can be used to solve the problems of dispensing, although single-liquid dispensing is difficult. Valves can be dispensing with a variety of types of glue, but there are also non-conforming glue, such as double-liquid glue.