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Desktop Platform Jet Auto-spraying Machine

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As a high-precision dispensing equipment, automatic spraying machine belongs to half of the high-end machines. The dispensing effect will be better when it is used in small parts production. Some products do not meet the requirements of using large visual dispensing machine for dispensing, so automatic spraying machine can be used for production, and the cost is less than that of visual dispensing machine.
Advantages of Automatic Spraying Machine
The main structure of this automatic spray dispensing machine is the combination of automatic dispensing machine and spray dispensing valve. It is also equipped with sensors. In fact, this spray dispensing machine mainly lies in dispensing valve, which can control various types of glue, and can achieve high-precision dispensing function. The precision can reach 0.01 mm, dispensing speed can reach 800 mm/s, and realize non-contact dispensing function. This is spray dispensing valve. Characteristic, high precision will be matched with this type of rubber valves.
The Role of Using Two-Axis Production
The automatic spraying machine uses not the conventional three-axis structure, but a two-axis structure, no z-axis, only X/Y axis. In fact, this can prevent the spraying product dispensing uneven, no Z-axis can be debugged more convenient, because the use of spraying mode, there is no need to pay attention to its dispensing distance, so setting dispensing parameters can be more convenient. Features of automatic spraying machine.
喷胶机 The main core of the automatic dispensing machine is that the spray is the dispensing valve, and the price of the spray dispensing valve is more expensive. The price of the domestic spray dispensing valve is about 5,000, and that of the imported dispensing valve is more than 40,000. Therefore, the price response of the automatic dispensing machine is not the most expensive. It still needs some cost to buy a dispensing equipment which is in line with the production, and a self-made dispensing valve. The dynamic spraying machine can meet the requirements of four or five years of use. If it is maintained well, it can last for ten years.