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Providing and selling automatic floor-mounted water-borne sp

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Guide: Waterborne glue is a kind of macromolecule glue, which has the function of environmental protection. It has replaced the glue that pollutes the environment. With this kind of water-borne glue, we can use the automatic floor-type water-borne spray glue machine manufactured by our company. This is an automatic dispensing machine that can use water-borne glue. Next, I will tell you about the characteristics of water-borne glue sprayer.
水性胶 Characteristics of Water-borne Rubber Sprayer
1. With the structure of landing type and super-large working platform, it can meet the requirements of gluing large-scale products.
2. Installation of 25L pressure barrel can store a large amount of glue. Generally, water-based glue needs a large amount of glue, which meets the requirements of glue filling.
3. Automatic cleaning function, large water-borne sprayer is not easy to disassemble, assemble and clean, using automatic cleaning function, easy to clean the internal glue.
水性胶喷胶机 4. Stirring device, water-borne glue is easy to have bubbles. After centrifugal stirring, the bubbles of glue can be removed to ensure the quality of point glue.
5. It can control the size of glue flow, control the flow rate and speed of glue according to the demand of each section, and then according to its requirements, it can control the flow rate of glue.
Working principle of water-borne sprayer:
Put the glue in the pressure barrel, observe whether there are bubbles, after covering, you can start the mixer, then open the air pressure, let the glue flow on the dispensing valve of the waterborne sprayer, before you can design the dispensing path, then you can directly dispensing the product.
Water-borne sprayer pictures
Basic parameters of crystal sprayer
Machine Type: Ground-type Machine Name: Automatic Ground-type Water-borne Gum Sprayer
Working stroke: 800*800*100mm control device: PLC control system
Power System: Stepping Motor + Servo Motor Pressure Barrel: 25L Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel + 5L Bucket
Cleaning function: power of cleaning device developed by neutral system: 500W
建筑 Working speed: 500mm/s power supply: 220V
Application field of water-borne sprayer
1. Coating of Reflective Materials
2. Automobile Industry
3. Building Material Industry
4. Footwear Industry
5. Home Appliance Furniture Industry
Waterborne sprayer is the first to learn about this. If you need to know more about the characteristics of automatic dispensing machine, you can go directly to our factory to learn about it. You can also call our telephone service hotline: 13928403389.