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Three-Axis Fully Automatic Jet Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing

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Guide: Hot melt adhesive is a very popular glue, many industries need to use it, because it is a non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, good viscosity, waterproof glue, functional, although the need for special dispensing process, but also can not block hot melt glue is a hot glue, for this reason, our manufacturer of automatic dispensing machine manufacturer produces a full-jet automatic hot melt adhesive machine, just for To meet the requirements of hot melt adhesive coating.
Name of Automatic Hot Melt Adhesive
热熔胶喷胶机 Automatic hot melt dispensing machine is called three-axis hot melt dispensing machine, jet hot melt dispensing machine, automatic hot melt dispensing machine, hot melt dispensing machine, etc. It can heat hot melt glue to make it fluidity glue, then dispensing various products, using traditional manual heating glue gun, which can not meet the dispensing requirements of the industry up to now, such as: tablet computer border dispensing, dispensing, hot melt dispensing machine, hot melt dispensing machine and so on. It is necessary to have the automatic hot melt adhesive machine with certain accuracy to have the dispensing effect. The use of automatic dispensing machine is advantageous to the enterprise, improving the production efficiency and reducing the defective rate.
Principle of operation and dispensing accuracy
热熔胶喷胶机 In order to meet the requirements of hot-melt adhesive heating, a hot melt glue dispensing valve, which is equipped with constant temperature and pressure control device, is produced, which is the main accessories of automatic hot melt adhesive machine. It can not only control the temperature, but also control the air pressure, and the automatic hot melt adhesive machine can be applied to the side frame dispensing and perfume bottle dispensing of the tablet computer, and the dispensing precision can be controlled within 1mm, and the temperature of the dispensing valve can be controlled. It is made at the melting point of hot melt glue, so the automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine can be used for hot melt glue dispensing.
Characteristics of Automatic Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
1. The hot melt glue heating device can heat the glue to the natural flow glue in 3 minutes.
2. The hot melt dispensing valve can store 30 ml of glue capacity and dispense hot melt glue.
热熔胶机点胶 3. Supporting handle control. It can use handle to control dispensing path and parameters to facilitate machine function.
4. The way of realizing three-dimensional dispensing screw, such as arc, straight line, winding and so on, can be realized.
5. The automatic hot melt glue machine is easy to operate and easy to operate.
Actual Drawing of Automatic Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
Operating Chart of Automatic Hot Melt Adhesive Machine
Hot Melt Glue Machine
The hot melt glue dispensing valve is the core part of the automatic hot melt adhesive machine. Whether it can complete the tablet computer dispensing is to see the accuracy and output of the hot melt glue dispensing valve. Therefore, the hot melt adhesive dispensing valve can be used to meet the requirements of dispensing, while the type of dispensing dispenser for the tablet computer and the perfume bottle dispensing is different. The size of the glue dispensing machine is large, and the perfume bottle dispensing is the conventional 331 three axle automatic dispensing machine.
The automatic dispensing machine assembled by automatic dispensing machine is more suitable for the production demand because it is modified according to the requirements of the industry. Therefore, the dispensing effect, the amount of dispensing and the way of machine control can meet the demand. Therefore, the tablet computer dispensing and the perfume bottle dispensing, and the automatic hot-melt adhesive machine we produce are used to complete the production.