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Desktop Rapid Imaging Positioning Jet High Speed Dispenser

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Desktop dispensing machine also has equipment with visual system, which can reduce the cost of visual precision dispensing machine to the lowest. The production of this spray dispensing machine can reduce the production cost without affecting the dispensing technology. This is very important. It is also the reason why the spray desktop high-speed dispensing machine can fire.
Reasons for Low Cost of Jet Dispenser
桌面式点胶机 Desktop high-speed dispensing machine is also known as jet positioning dispensing machine. It does not use the floor structure of visual precision dispensing machine, nor does it use super-large platform. It also reduces many dispensing devices, such as dispensing height measuring device, LED red/green alarm device, timing control device and some imported aerodynamic devices. Therefore, desktop high-speed dispensing machine needs manual assistant production and production placement. Products and products need to be manually processed. It can't realize automatic dispensing like visual precision dispensing machine. This is the gap between the two, and is also one of the main reasons for the inexpensiveness of desktop high-speed dispensing machine.
Still keeping high precision dispensing technology
喷射式点胶机 Although there are few parts of visual precision glue dispensing machine, the core parts of the main body, such as visual camera system, computer terminal, dispensing controller and precise dispensing valve, are still retained, and can still achieve high-speed and accurate dispensing and visual positioning dispensing technology, still using image recognition technology to design glue dispensing, and complete high-precision dispensing. The glue dispenser has only X/Y axis and Z axis is fixed, which can prevent the uneven spraying of products due to the unbalanced height. So the spray dispenser generally does not have Z axis. You can choose and match it. If you can install altimeter, the dispensing function of X Y Z axis can be realized.
Characteristic of Desktop High Speed Dispenser
1. Visual automatic recognition technology, can quickly complete dispensing positioning, do not need to place the product artificially, spray dispensing opportunity automatic recognition, do not need to configure therapeutic tools.
2. Non-contact control device is used to realize non-contact dispensing, prevent scraping of products, and dispensing accuracy is high, dispensing task can be completed in small products.
喷射式点胶阀 3. The height is fixed and the dispensing position is the same. It can quickly identify the product and complete the dispensing task.
4. Reduce manual testing products, spray positioning dispensing machine, like the visual precision dispensing machine, carries out product quality testing. Bad products are not dispensing, recognition speed is fast, and product quality identification can be completed in 0.5 seconds.
5. Around the bow, while placing the product, while dispensing, improve dispensing speed.