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Standard desktop three-axis precision dispensing machine

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Three-axis precise dispensing machine is a conventional type of automatic dispensing equipment, the desktop is basically manufactured in accordance with the size, such as 331 automatic dispensing machine is manufactured according to the standard size, and then according to the dispensing requirements to configure the corresponding accessories, so as to achieve rapid dispensing, coating method is simple, and can be applied in many industries. In this way, a precise dispensing machine can be produced in five days.
Size selection of desktop dispensing machine
精密点胶机 Desktop standard precision dispenser sizes are 221, 331, 441, 551 and 661 (600 mm * 600 mm * 100 mm). These are standard sizes. The corresponding sizes can be selected according to the product mode and specifications, such as: buzzer dispensing, because the specifications are relatively small, the use of precision dispenser size can be smaller, in order to improve the dispensing speed of buzzer dispensing. Place multiple buzzers on the fixture, dispensing uniformly, reduce the time of better products and speed up the production mode. Then the size of the precision dispensing machine should be larger. This is the size of the working platform of the precision dispensing machine required for the production of specifications products.
Selection according to product size
3131精密点胶机 The size of relay dispensing machine can be selected according to its own size, and the coating method can also meet the requirements. Selection of precision dispensing machine platform mode, there are some dispensing accessories, need to be configured, why some call automatic dispensing machine or high-speed dispensing machine, also known as precision dispensing machine, mainly with accessories have a direct relationship, and the way of dispensing will vary according to accessories, relay dispensing needs a larger amount of glue, buzzing The dispensing device needs less dispensing, which can be controlled by dispensing valve.
Core of precision dispensing machine
Three-axis precision dispensing machine uses precise dispensing valve and controller as the core, and stores glue with pressure barrel. It has high dispensing precision and meets the requirements of dispensing precision for small products, such as relay dispensing and buzzer dispensing. There are some differences between them. The latter needs a more delicate coating method to meet the production requirements, if there is no lap. It is impossible to finish dispensing task with precise dispensing valve. Additionally, there are many ways of gluing. Each industry has different requirements for gluing. There are requirements for gluing, encapsulation, gluing and so on. So our automatic dispensing machine manufacturer does not completely produce complete machines. According to the technology you require, we will help you process.