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Coil dispensing machine specially designed for coating induc

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Coil dispensing machine belongs to a simple type dispensing machine. It is mainly composed of basic circuit control system, handle controller, constant control system, silicone dispensing valve, dispensing controller and three-axis frame. It can realize multi-specification dispensing function and glue flow control technology. It belongs to a three-axis automatic dispensing machine. Application in general industry can meet the demand, but also the current use of more types of coating equipment.
Speed of Silica Coating by Machine
线圈点胶机 Coating seals and silica gel can be realized. Coil dispensing machine is used for inductance coil gluing. This automatic dispensing machine realizes the requirement of silica gel coating. Inductance coil needs to be coated all over its interior, which just meets the production technical requirements of coil dispensing machine. It can realize silica gel coating on silica gel dispensing valves, and the glue output of gel valves is large. The sealing speed of glue coating is fast. The general product needs only three seconds to fill up. The coating speed is very fast.
Characteristics of silica gel and silica gel dispensing valve
www.668866.com Silica gel is a special kind of glue, although the glue viscosity is not high, but the glue viscosity sealing ratio is high, the general dispensing valve is difficult to meet the requirements of glue sealing, why? The main reason is that the air pressure of cylinder is not high. An independent cylinder is equipped on the silica gel dispensing valve, which can be used to raise the air pressure. Moreover, the rubber valve has a large axle and a large amount of rubber to be pushed out. It is very simple to achieve large flow of glue coating. The coil dispensing machine can be coated with silica gel, so there are more silica gel dispensing valves.
硅胶点胶阀 Many types of automatic dispensing machines are equipped with dispensing valves according to the requirements of glue, such as double-liquid dispensing valves, double-liquid dispensing valves, anaerobic dispensing valves for instant dry glue and hot-melt dispensing valves for hot-melt glue. Special glue, special dispensing valves and silica dispensing valves can also use other types of glue. Component high viscosity glue can be used, not only silica gel, dispensing valve versatility or very strong, with automatic dispensing machine, which kind of dispensing valve, which kind of dispensing technology can be achieved. It is called coil dispensing machine. The main reason is that it is used in inductance coil dispensing.