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Fully automatic precision standard three-axis dispensing mac

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Now many manufacturers have begun to use the dispenser, so do you know the dispenser?
Next, I'd like to introduce our three-axis dispensing machine.
标准三轴点胶机 As the name implies, the three-axis dispenser is a dispenser with three axes. This machine still has a double track workbench. The double track design allows the workbench to move faster and more stably when moving. Repeated work for a long time will not affect the accuracy of the three-axis dispenser.
Features of triaxial dispenser
三轴点胶机 It is a dual operation mode that can be switched between Chinese and English. It is easy to learn and easy to operate. It can meet the dispensing accuracy of most dispensing requirements. The dispensing amount, the time needed for dispensing and the time not needed for dispensing can be set freely. The dispensing amount is very uniform and will not be more or less for a while. This is the advantage of choosing a three-axis dispensing machine, and there will be no leakage According to the requirements of customers, you can add other accessories you need, which can be widely used in the industry that needs dispensing, and realize the automatic production of the production line.
The above is the features of the three-axis dispenser introduced for you. Do you understand it?