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Structure and composition of tabletop and floor type glue fi

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Although desktop type and floor type glue filling machine can be called the same type of glue filling equipment, there are great differences in structure, volume, glue output, performance and application. Let Xiaobian tell you about the differences in structure of glue filling machine, and what are the major differences. I hope it will be helpful to select or understand glue filling machine.
桌面式点胶机 Structure of table top glue filling machine
1. Plane structure, the structure frame made of aluminum material, with small size and moderate height, can be used on the assembly line.
2. The weight of the machine is small (65kg), the structure is simple, and the glue filling position can be moved at will.
3. Take the constant control system as the core system and the handle as the programmer
4. Applicable to the ratio of bottom viscosity glue, about 3:1 or less.
Structure of floor type glue filling machine
1. The floor area is large, and the machine can not be moved at will, otherwise it is easy to affect the production process, and the location is relatively fixed.
2. It can be combined with assembly line production to realize full-automatic production mode, and the whole assembly line can be produced without manual assistance.
3. The operating system is generally PLC touch control system with display screen.
4. It has complete functions, including mixing device, pressure barrel and glue mixing device.
5. The mixing ratio of glue can meet the mixing requirements of 10:1 to 1:1.
There are great differences in the structure of the two glue filling machines. How to choose the machines that meet the production requirements is based on the requirements of product production, such as: glue mixing ratio, product production requirements, glue viscosity, glue quantity requirements and expenditure costs, which are the main factors affecting the selection of glue filling equipment.