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Solder paste dispenser

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   Solder paste dispenser is a special machine for using solder paste. It is the core demand of dispensing with dispensing valve and controller. It has targeted production effect and can meet dispensing task. Similar to high viscosity glue, it can use this full-automatic dispensing machine for dispensing. However, the type of glue water is single component glue, and double liquid has double liquid screw dispensing valve. The product is configured according to the requirements, The effect is better.
  The solder paste dispensing effect can find the core product according to the thought demand, which can realize the automatic dispensing effect, accurate glue transportation, stable glue application accuracy, convenient use, and no need to adjust every time. Our company can build the product for your company, solve the dispensing problem according to the manufacturer's demand, and deal with the glue problem from the root cause. The targeted advantage is that the dispensing can be solved The problem shall be solved pertinently without secondary modification.
  According to the demand of solder paste dispensing, first, high viscosity and poor fluency of glue, second, high precision of dispensing, need to realize point, straight line and circle, third, continuity and speed control of dispensing, directly solve the demand of these products, that is, the appropriate dispensing machine, each product has different use requirements, different viscosity of glue, and the use of machine related accessories will also be different. Our company We are a manufacturer of machines and accessories. Machines and dispensing valves are sold at a low price and with many types. We can give them to the manufacturers properly and solve the dispensing problem quickly.
  Solder paste dispenser is a kind of dispensing equipment developed by our company. It is specially designed for the machine type of solder paste dispensing on PCB board. It adopts desktop type double station equipment to make the configured fixed fixture, and places the product on the working platform, so it can automatically complete solder paste dispensing and automatic solder device. The whole set of configuration is more convenient. Now there are a large number of machine-aided production and artificial organic production With the aid of the equipment, the production effect will be more obvious.
  The dispensing valve we configured on the solder paste dispensing machine is screw dispensing valve, high-precision dispensing valve, which can ignore the viscosity of the glue. The high-precision products can still be dispensing, and there is no problem. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled. It is a kind of dispensing valve that can truly achieve the 0.01mm precision control. In fact, many manufacturers have the 0.01mm precision standard, but many manufacturers can't do it To achieve high-precision products, for example, the stepping motor used in the solder paste dispenser needs to be replaced with a servo motor, a controller needs to be added, and the belt needs to be replaced with a screw rod.
  The dispensing valve is sold to the manufacturer. There are many kinds of dispensing valves with good quality. You can also choose the appropriate dispensing valve according to the product glue. Similar to the solder paste dispensing, you can choose the screw dispensing valve. The sold products have quality assurance and free maintenance. Each dispensing valve has distinct characteristics and is not randomly matched.