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Qingxi Town automatic dispensing machine manufacturer

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  Located in Qingxi Town, Dongguan, our company has our machine production base. In order to better meet the manufacturers around Qingxi, our company has set up a new base in fugangcun North Street, Qingxi Town, which is used for machine sales and after-sales. We have after-sales engineering and salesperson, which can solve the problem of your company's understanding of the machine and looking at the machine on the door. We can deliver the machine to your door, debug the machine on site, and walk again properly, which is very convenient Of.
  The coating of the bottom plate of the electric iron is a product of your company. Starting from your company's selection of the machine, you need to know the characteristics of the product, the coating path, the coating parameters, the viscosity of the glue, and then to determine the specifications of the machine, the matching of the dispensing accessories, and the testing of the coating effect. These problems are all within the consideration of the machine. To make a full-automatic dispensing machine produced by a suitable manufacturer, you need to know a lot of parameters The production data of each manufacturer are different, and the effect will definitely be different. The bottom of the electric iron is coated with a single component room temperature curing silica gel, which is a 330ml glue. In the accessories dispensing device, a silica gel bucket is used to store the glue directly, and then it is automatically delivered to the dispensing valve, so as to achieve the bottom of the electric iron.

  Distribution area of our factory

  Our main business areas are Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. In each area, we have special staff, after-sales service and business reception. Especially in the Pearl River Delta, our head office is located in some key industrial areas, and we will arrange staff. Qingxi dispenser manufacturer is one of them. The business scope is dispensing, filling and beating Screws and solder. If you have such needs, you can contact our manufacturer!

  Three types of dispensing equipment

  At present, there are three types of automatic dispenser: desktop, floor and assembly line. The cost is related to the technology. The higher the technology is, the higher the cost is. For example, the automatic dispenser is used for electric iron coating, which is desktop type. The price is about 10000 to 20000. The floor type is used for battery glue filling, which is about 40000 to 80000. The assembly line, which is about 20 to 100 Million, depending on the production line demand.
  Single component room temperature curing silica gel belongs to the common glue used for coating the bottom plate of electric iron, which meets the requirements of high temperature, strong adhesiveness, environmental protection of glue, and coating requirements, so as to better protect the electric iron. It has practical help for production. Many manufacturers use this single component room temperature curing silica gel for coating, with satisfactory performance and appropriate price. If your company has the best glue for its own use, send me the glue and products directly. You can make proofing video to see the production effect of our full-automatic dispenser. Welcome to our Qingxi dispenser stronghold.