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Sealant dispenser in Shima village, Dongguan City

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  Stone horse dispenser refers to the stone horse village in Tangxia, Dongguan. In this area, there are many machines of our company. Basically, local manufacturers will choose our machine type. Why? Our company is located in Tangxia 128 Industrial Zone, which is close to the site and convenient to contact. In the past, it didn't need half an hour for stone horse to provide on-site service at any time, which is very convenient.

  Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturer

  Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturers have many, but in Tangxia manufacturers are really few, if you have this demand, you can see the nearby manufacturers Oh! It's mainly convenient for cooperation. If you think about it, the manufacturer can solve the problem in the first time when it's nearby. Although the problem of an automatic dispenser is relatively small, for the novice, the operation may not be well understood, and the on-site teaching can also be achieved.

  Types of dispensing machines that can be produced in China

  Our company produces various types of machines, such as: three-axis dispenser, hot melt dispenser and jet dispenser, which can fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. Each kind of glue has its own accessories, which can fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. Just like the frequency converter motherboard gluing or PTC component gluing, we can use two different dispensing equipment with different details, and we can do the right equipment, Fundamentally solve the dispensing problem and ensure the product quality.

  Dispensing assembly effect of sealing machine

  The table top type sealing dispenser with silica gel sleeve can be used to glue the main board of the frequency converter, which can store 330ml glue for dispensing. It is convenient for the machine to work without manual extruding. The machine can realize all the gluing, and the effect will change obviously, especially the gluing precision and product speed. The gluing effect of the main board of the frequency converter will have a direct relationship with the product quality. The precision and speed of the machine can Control, production quality and speed have been effectively improved, which is the advantage of using automatic machines.
  There are many manufacturers of dispensing machines in Dongguan, each of which may have representative machines. Our representative machines are desktop machines, which have the advantages of low cost, long service life, and about two to three times the speed of manual (see the product). The use of automatic machine has its advantages, that is to say, stability. Manual can't maintain a speed from morning to night, but the machine can Therefore, no matter in frequency converter main board gluing, or PTC component dispensing, our machine can do it.