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Manufacturers in Houjie District, Dongguan use medium-sized

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  Houjie dispensing machine refers to the machine manufactured by our company in China, which is used in Houjie area. Our headquarter is in Dongguan, our R & D team and production are in Shenzhen, which is in line with the actual metropolis, and we can get more access to the new technical information of national dispensing equipment, and develop our technology in a friendly way. Our company has also been the agent of dispensing valve in Germany and the United States. Some technologies still need to rely on the strength of foreign manufacturers Enough to complete.
  In many manufacturers, it has applications, such as: mobile phone motherboard heat dissipation coating, chip radiator bonding and air conditioning radiator coating, etc., electronics, mobile phone, new energy, solar energy, household appliances, shoes, toys, etc., these industries will use dispensing equipment, whether it is adhesive, solidification, water-proof, heat dissipation, sealing and other issues, need to use glue, while the machine is to Glue coating to meet the above requirements.
  For example: the main board of mobile phone is coated with a thin layer of glue on the main board, which works together with the heat dissipation system to achieve the dual heat dissipation function, so as to ensure that the mobile phone does not have the problem of cell phone heating in the long-term working condition, and solve the problem of cell phone heating from the core. The application range of glue is very wide. If there is a core demand in this respect, you can contact our company. Thermal conductive silica gel is only one type of glue applied by our company.
  Chip radiator bonding is no longer a hot topic. After chip installation, a layer of glue will be applied on the surface or the bottom, and then a heat sink or a cold liquid pipe will be installed to achieve heat dissipation. In these industries, the application of heat-conducting silica gel is still slow and requires high precision. Our company prepares two solutions, the first one is the dispenser and the second one is made of screw guide rail With the visual dispensing machine, both have the ability to apply glue, to see which type manufacturers prefer.
  The air conditioning radiator uses a large-scale glue filling machine with large type and low glue application accuracy. It is very important to control the glue quantity accurately and glue quantity. It is very important to fundamentally solve the actual production problems. Compared with the former two, the air conditioning radiator glue application is based on the type and accuracy of the machine. The glue flow control is large and the relative difficulty is low. However, it can be done in a way. At present, our dispensing machine equipment It can meet the demand. There are actual cases in Houjie dispenser manufacturers!