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Automatic screw dispensing machine

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  Equipped with screw type dispensing valve as the core dispensing device, it is called the full-automatic screw type dispensing machine. Actually, the core of the valve is that it is driven by the combination of voltage and air pressure, with a built-in servo motor and screw pump. The servo motor drives the screw pump, and then drives the glue flow in the dispensing needle barrel, and then dispensing is carried out. The reverse direction is suction back, with a special control device For controlling screw dispensing valve.

  Features of screw dispensing machine   

  1. The accuracy of glue application can reach 0.1mm line width, and the glue amount can be controlled at 0.02ul. Meanwhile, glue leakage and wire drawing can be avoided. The screw valve has the function of back absorption.
  2. It has stable uniformity, servo drive, sufficient power and small error.
  3. Fast speed, dispensing frequency is expressed in Hertz, which can reach 800 hertz.
  4. Strong applicability, various types of glue can be used, low viscosity, high, no words.
  5. The dispensing accuracy is high, and there are not many dispensing valves that can be compared with the dispensing valve of screw system.
  6. After unique design, the dispensing valve is made of special steel, which is easy to disassemble and clean.
  The uniformity of glue dropping is directly related to the core of the product. To match the appropriate dispensing valve according to the viscosity of glue and the coating requirements of the product, our company will use the screw type dispensing machine to dispense glue at the game handle. The viscosity demand of glue is also to ensure the dispensing quality. If the uniformity of glue dropping is not guaranteed well, there must be quality problems. The equipment launched by our company according to the actual situation is more in line with the production Production demand, game watch dispensing both speed and quality.
  There are many types of automatic dispenser. There are some differences between automatic glue dispenser and automatic glue dispenser. The cost difference is very large. The price of a production line is very high. Generally, the manufacturer uses automatic glue dispenser. The machine automatically performs glue dispensing and dropping tasks. In fact, the cost is low, which is more in line with the manufacturer's production requirements!