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Dongguan Zhangmutou dispensing machine manufacturer

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  Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturers have many, is located in Zhangmutou town, there is a professional manufacturer, is a non-standard automatic dispensing machine manufacturers, can produce a series of non-standard and standard machines, has many years of experience in manufacturing dispensing equipment, our company is located near Zhangmutou square, has a special office location, if you are interested in, you can add wechat to understand it! There was a special reception.
  Application of Chinese manufacturers in dispensing industry
  In the automobile industry, our company has spent a lot of time studying the base of lamps, windscreens, power supplies, doors and ignition coils and other electronic accessories. Especially in headlights, our company has studied for the longest time in the century. Combined with the experience of LED dispensing, the automotive lamp coating technology has made rapid progress, and the core technology of the machine has also been ignited, so as to ensure that the machines produced conform to the manufacturer's requirements Demand.
  Functions and characteristics of dispensing equipment
  The glue dispensing of herdsman's wheel brow lamp and herdsman's headlight is one of the main industries of our company. On the irregular plane, the glue dispensing is still completed. The three-dimensional space mechanical axis and the path on the plane can be depicted, so that the glue dispensing has better effect. The glue dispensing effect of angel eye diaphragm is different from that of wheel brow lamp. Our company also has a separate machine for its internal glue dispensing, which is comprehensive This is the manufacturer. At present, our company involves lamps, including refitting or original packaging. Because the machine is made according to the product type, there is no requirement for original packaging or refitting of the product. If there are samples, the machine can be made directly.
  Our company has been in Zhangmutou for many years. Our head office is in Tangxia. The radiation around is very strong. At present, the main core is in Dongguan. Many manufacturers have used our machines. If you have this demand, you can use Zhangmutou dispenser. The price is favorable and the service is in place. You can come to our door anytime and anywhere. The manufacturer needs to change products or add machines. Our company can First time cooperation!