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Automatic thread gluing machine

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  If you want to realize the automatic production of thread glue, you need to use a machine called fully automatic screw gluing machine. This is a standard desktop dispensing machine. There are two types: single station and double station. Single station is usually used. Because the fixture is different from general, it needs to have rotation function to meet the screw rotation dispensing requirements I recommend to use automatic screw sealer.
  Screw dispensing process: the screw side is placed on the fixture, and the mechanical axis of the thread gluing machine moves on the fixture, while gluing and rotating, the glue can be evenly applied on the screw thread. The glue is very thin, just full of coating, used to screw the nut, there will be no glue overflow problem, and it can also play a solidification role.
  The glue application speed of screw thread glue can be 2 seconds / piece, and 20 pieces can be applied at one time. The fixture is one board one board. After gluing, the next board can be replaced to solve the problem of product replacement. It can be used together with the assembly line. The next station is to screw. The setting speed of screw thread glue is slow, and it can wait until the screw is finished.
  The screw sealing function is very strong, with rust proof, anti-corrosion and anti screw loosening. Through the glue coating process, the service life of the screw is improved. Especially in aviation products, when working in some extreme environments, the screw strength needs to meet. Through the application of thread glue, a series of screw thread problems can be solved. It is recommended that you use the thread gluing machine to fundamentally solve the screw dispensing problem Over glue, to solve the screw problems, interlocking.

  Features of automatic thread glue applicator

  1. It can be used for different specifications and types of screws
  2. Uniform coating, high efficiency and stable control.
  3. Screw sealing effect is good, is supported by experiments and cases.
  4. Simple operation, teaching device, one programming, life-long use.
  5. The program is stable and has automatic correction function.
  6. Three axis mechanical axis, plane multi rule, barrier free use.
  7. Screw dispensing can be adjusted according to industry demand.