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Full automatic glue dispenser for rectification bridge

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The traditional way of dispensing is a manual dispensing mode, with the continuous birth of automated dispensing equipment, manual dispensing system has gradually been automated dispensing equipment automatic dispensing machine mainly has gradually replaced the manual dispensing dispensing. With poor efficiency, low quality of dispensing, the loss of raw materials is huge, and the glue easily drop to the operator the body in the dispensing process, the operator of the health and safety of a threat. The most important thing is to realize the automation of large-scale production of this kind of dispensing mode can.
The automatic dispenser is just to solve this kind of problem, automatic dispensing machine has high efficiency and high quality glue dispensing, to glue to precise control of raw materials, the loss can be reduced to the minimum, the dispensing process due to the equipment is equipped with a protective plate, glue will not drop to the body, the main operator it is mass production in the automated assembly line.
Speaking of the rectifier bridge industry I believe that many people do not understand this industry very well, it is mainly to seal the rectifier in a shell. Usually divided into full bridge and half bridge; full bridge is the four diode bridge rectifier circuit links good sealing together; half bridge is half of the closure of four diode bridge rectifier together, can form a bridge rectifier circuit with two half bridge, full wave rectifier circuit can be composed of a half bridge transformer with a center tap, selection of rectifier bridge rectifier circuit and working voltage should be considered.
With the rapid development of bridge industry in recent years, the development of the industry brought about the rapid promotion of market sales, and it also has more fierce market competition, in the face of tremendous pressure of competition, some manufacturers choose to use the full bridge rectifier from the point glue machine to enhance the production efficiency and production quality to the whole face the increasingly fierce market.