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Application of three axis automatic glue dispenser

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The chip package is an important step in the production process, will be the case by the dispensing technology firmly stick together, the chip has better effect on work, have dustproof and waterproof functions, and can withstand the impact force and does not affect the normal use of the effect, the application of three axis automatic dispensing machine is essential, three axis automatic dispensing machine chip frame dispensing dispensing machine is better than the ordinary work.
Coating automatic dispensing machine to support a variety of paths of the three axis, filling can be used in irregular path or slit in coating, liquid crystal display using LED to facilitate the operator to adjust according to the actual situation of three axis automatic dispensing, dispensing mode and the range of application has been further expanded, path programming support multiple programming procedures for automatic dispensing that can be adjusted with dispensing controller, the operation is simple and powerful, according to the actual demand but also to achieve the single computer or single machine mode.
Chip frame dispensing by using three axis automatic dispensing machine has a better effect, the current market of chip production of high demand, in addition to meet the production to meet the high precision chip package to avoid affecting the normal work, through the use of the three axis automatic dispensing function accurately for automatic encapsulation of the chip, the chip package quantity increases, dispensing mode of intelligent automation is bound to strengthen the dispensing quality and efficiency, and help users to reduce the defect rate of chip package.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine has important achievements in chip packaging, and it can also be applied in a more comprehensive industry, such as potting, filling and other production links can be completed by three axis automatic dispensing machine.