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Large intelligent spray type automatic glue dispenser

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Large intelligent jet automatic dispensing machine is a new equipment with dispensing technology is high, each dispensing speed can reach 800 / min, with the speed of high speed dispensing, dispensing machines are not any such technology, with the technology is very high, with the use of accessories and related technology comparison the production of accessories are the top technology at home and abroad, to create the jet type automatic dispensing machine.
The configuration of a large intelligent spraying material dispenser need very much, but there are dozens of parts, this does not include the basic parts, dispensing essential accessory jet dispensing valve, a screw rod control system, the three motors (one of the two auxiliary), computer control system, MCU and so on. These are the need to use the accessories, and dispensing machine core technology.
Have a great relationship with the use of each effect of dispensing accessories, large-scale intelligent jet automatic dispensing machine dispensing accuracy can reach 0.001ml, which belongs to a very high precision dispensing speed is also in speed, rather than the ideal speed, there are a lot of production speed and profitability: for example: badge color, ordinary dispensing daily production of ten thousand, while the jet type automatic dispensing machine capable of daily production of thirty thousand enterprises, the monthly profit will double, can improve the development of enterprises.
Choose a reasonable choice to need to go through the analysis of dispensing equipment, according to the choice of appropriate dispensing machine enterprise ability, velocity of jet dispenser quickly, but the company's order is not so much, so as not to waste too much money to buy expensive automatic injection point glue machine.