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AB glue dispensing machine suitable for a variety of two-com

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  AB glue is a common two-component glue, used in the production process of product dispensing, will use a special type of AB glue spray dispensing machine to complete the dispensing work, due to the special nature of ab glue, in this spray dispensing machine with a two-component glue special AB glue dispensing cartridge, to ensure that the product in the production process AB glue Mixing degree can achieve the best adhesive effect.

  Dispensing mode

  AB glue spray dispensing machine is an intelligent spray dispensing machine, when the product dispensing production work, can complete the non-contact spray glue working mode, in the product dispensing process using this spray dispensing and can prevent the appearance of scratch products. AB glue is a kind of common special glue. It is necessary to store two kinds of fluids a and B separately in the pressure drum before dispensing. After setting the proportion of AB glue through the teaching box before dispensing, the a B glue spraying dispensing machine automatically transfers a certain proportion of a B glue to a B glue. Mix the glue dispenser and finish the product dispensing.

  Making glue material for spray glue dispenser

  The fuselage of this spray dispensing machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The fuselage will not be damaged or worn when it is used in dispensing links for a long time. It is also very easy to wash glue in the platform. It is best to replace the rubber dispensing cylinder when working.
  Suitable for AB glue dispensing fixed glue dispensing machine, suitable for many industries.