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Glue spraying machine capable of realizing spray technology

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The dispensing machine which can realize spray dispensing technology is the top equipment in China. At present, the most advanced dispensing technology is spray technology. How can the effect of spray dispensing machine reach the current industry production demand? Spray dispensing machine is one of the dispensing machines, but the effect of dispensing is different.
Dispensing can increase product color.
How about the spray glue dispenser? The spray gluing machine can be used to color the watch chain. It can coat the product with a thin layer of paint, which increases the color of the product and meets the needs of the watch chain. This is the unique feature of the spray gluing machine. It can meet the needs of the product and is also the performance of the spray valve. Only in this way can the dispensing task be done so well. Business.
Type of glue dispenser
Spray dispensing machine can be divided into two types, the first, desktop, the second, large-scale, two kinds of equipment can achieve different performance, large-scale is generally on-line spray glue dispensing machine, and desktop needs manual production, but the former price than the latter is generally more expensive, performance can not be compared, the former. The former is more convenient to use, while the latter is more troublesome to use, long-term production of the same products, or the use of the former will be more cost-effective.
Desktop spray dispenser parameters:
Model: zz-01
Specifications: 331, 441, 551, three specifications, special specifications.
Dispensing speed: 1mm/sec~700mm/sec
Repeatability: + 0.02%
Dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm
Programming mode: handle controller
Maximum load: 20kg/9kg
Transmission mode: linear guide and ball screw.
Power system: stepping motor and solenoid valve
These are spray dispensing machines manufactured by Chinese-made automation equipment. If there are special requirements, we can make a new spray dispensing machine according to the overall needs of the manufacturer, including all the parts of the dispensing machine, such as spray valves, solenoid valves, glue delivery devices and so on. We have the strength to produce non-standard machines.